Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hit me on the flip!!

Oh yeah I am back in the United States!!!! Holla atcha girl on the flip phone....heeeyyyy!!! haha. Yeah, that is right, I have a flip phone which takes me back to being in high school and thinking the Motorola Razor was the bomb. Hmmm....yeah, not so much anymore!! Texting is a real challenge! I think I had developed fast fingers back in those days because right now it takes me about 5 minutes to send a text using the numerical keys to type letters.

Anyways, it feels awesome to be back in Charleston! It has been so great being back home and seeing my friends here....especially spending time with my "sister" (as Andrew calls her) Heather. If I could just pack her up in my suitcase (she would fit) and take her with me to Okinawa, I'd be set! We have been having fun together....laughing....tearing up the dance floor....getting some good eats....giggling...you know how we do!

I went back to my old gym today and took one of my favorite classes and it was killer. I will be lucky if I can walk tomorrow. Speaking of which, it has been a challenge for me to find a really good workout class in Okinawa, so I have been in a search for something new to try. I found Tina's Best Body Bootcamp that I am going to try out! This is an 8 week online bootcamp class for only $25. I have heard nothing but good things about her bootcamp. Over the course of the 8 weeks, it is broken into four different phases with each phase lasting 2 weeks so you are constantly challenging your body. I have just gotten my introduction email from her and so far, so good. The bootcamp officially kicks off on January 7th! There is still time to sign up so if you're looking for something new to add to your fitness routine, check it out. There are even prizes to be won....$1000 grand prize to be exact! What do you have to lose?! :-)

Well, I am off to do some more fun stuff in Charleston......catch you on the "flip." :-)

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  1. Hey girl! I saw this posting not too long ago and I am so happy I did! Joining a gym out here in California is very expensive so I have just been running here and there! But I was so glad to see your posting about BBB! I am also doing this round :) Hope you are doing well and enjyoing your time home in the states!