Thursday, January 10, 2013

How old are you now?!

29!! That's how old I just turned! Yikes!! So every year my mom and dad sing me "happy birthday" and then right after, they start singing "how old are you old are you old are you leah, how old are you now?!" Then they say, "how olllddd???" And each year I respond with my age and it has been a family tradition/joke every year. This year was no different because I got to FaceTime with my mom and dad and at the end of our FaceTime, they ended it with the song! It wouldn't be a birthday if I didn't have them sing me that song!! haha. When I was in Charleston my parent took Heather and I out to Cypress in celebration of my birthday a week early. Before dinner we had a cocktail at the bar and we introduced my mom to one of Cypress' signature drinks, the lavender martini. She was hesitant to order it because she is not big on sweet drinks, but we convinced her it wasn't a very sweet drink and she ended up loving it. Then we proceeded down to our table and I ordered the scallops which were amazing. They were served with tempura sweet potatoes, curried pearl onions, and bacon jam. Yum! Thanks again to my mom and dad for the wonderful birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant!
My actual birthday was spent here in Okinawa. I had been deprived of sushi when I was visiting back home, so Andrew took me to Kouwa Sushi, which is one of our favorite sushi places here on the island. The sushi tasted so good since I hadn't had it in so long! Then he baked me a yellow cake with chocolate icing, decorated with sprinkles so we ate that for dessert....after he sang me happy birthday of course! I am still celebrating my birthday today, since it is my birthday back in the U.S. so tonight we are going to have an american birthday dinner....steaks on the grill, baked potato (for Andrew) and a baked beni-imo (for me) and some veggies.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday to this crazy guy too! He is 6 years old today....yes, we do have the same birthday!

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  1. Awh Leah! That was so nice to be mentioned in your Blog! And Cooper looks great. Thanks for sharing the photo from dinner - reminds me I need to post the ones I took while you were here. Today's a "work day" at home so I should get it done today! Love ya, Dad