Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I hope this post makes you laugh!

Okay, so we have been busy exploring on the weekends as usual which always makes for a fun time! We went to the Koza music town area and walked around and discovered some shops, recording studios, as well as a dance studio. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE to watch people do hip hop dance. I am so envious of their dance ability and I just really wished I had those kind of moves (which I totally do not!). So anyways, the dance studio was so cool to just stand there and watch these kids do freestyle dance to whatever hiphop song the DJ would put on. They were SO good. The kids ranged from ages 5 to maybe about 15 years guy was spinning on his head and had all sorts of dance moves, which apparently inspired Andrew to tackle some dance moves of his own later that night.....I hope you find it as funny/entertaining as I do!

This past weekend we decided to go look at a furniture store I had heard about to see if there was anything I was missing out on....on our way there, I heard a loud pop and then air was coming out of a tire. And yea, that's exactly what it was.....Clif (Andrew's big red van) had a flat tire. So we find a parking lot (those are hard to find around here) and think, okay, no big deal, Andrew can change a tire no problem. Well of course nothing turns out as planned and the van's tire repair kit had the wrong sized wrench for the tire. So we decided since it was a nice day, we could just walk to the furniture store and then figure something out. We walked to the furniture store and I found two wooden pictures I wanted to buy and found out where the next MakeMan (like a home depot) was we walked there (ended up being a 3 mile walk), thankfully found what we needed, and then took a cab back to the van! It was such a classic moment that I had to capture, plus many of you have yet to see Andrew's "hot ride." HA!
Once we got the wrench, everything was good to go and we got home safely, but we were both pretty exhausted after what we expected to be a casual trip to a furniture store!